Tax / UKIP promises no tax rises

Speaking at the launch of the UKIP manifesto, deputy chairman Suzanne Evans has said it is the only party going into the forthcoming election to pledge not to raise taxes, with plans to introduce a £13,500 threshold for paying income tax by the end of the next parliament

Tax / Hallam: take VAT responsibility post-Brexit

There is a growing tendency for EU tax authorities to attempt to ‘responsibilise’ third parties for the failures of clients and partners to meet VAT obligations, Accordance chief executive Nicholas Hallam warns

Tax / Conservatives propose tougher regulation of tax advisory firms in manifesto

Firms providing tax advice can expect greater scrutiny and regulation should the Conservatives remain in government following the general election on 8 June

Tax / Lib Dems consider corporation tax overhaul in manifesto

Corporation tax would be restored to 20% under a Liberal Democrat government, as the party considers shifting from a profits tax to a turnover- or sales-based model, its manifesto reveals

Tax / Labour manifesto: new tax band for high earners

Labour claims it will fund its £48.6bn of pledges with extra tax revenue, including from a new 50p income tax band for those earning over £123,000, as it launched its election manifesto

Tax / HMRC wins appeal over VAT on holiday park’s electricity supply

HMRC has won at the Court of Appeal in a long-running argument with a provider of caravan holiday parks over the question of whether the reduced rate for VAT on supplies of fuel applies

Tax / CJEU rules in favour of VAT exemption for educational catering and performance

UK schools and colleges stand to benefit from a VAT windfall after the European Court of justice (CJEU) confirmed that catering sales in training restaurants at educational establishments and admission charges to theatrical performances by students should be deemed services closely related to the provision of education, and so are exempt from VAT

Tax / Tax compliance checks: what you need to know

HMRC has numerous powers to check a business’ tax position. This can include VAT assurance visits or enquiries into self assessment tax returns or stamp duty land tax (SDLT) for land transactions. Checks are usually undertaken after a submission of a return but pre-return checks can be undertaken if HMRC believes there is a tax risk, but you need to be prepared to face the tax authority

Tax / MEPs vote to reduce VAT on e-books

Plans to allow EU member states to reduce the VAT charged on e-books have moved a step closer, after a committee of MEPs voted in favour of the proposals to bring the VAT rates for printed and online publications into line

Tax / VAT updates: May 2017

Graham Elliott, VAT expert at City & Cambridge Consultancy considers the Adecco (UKUT0133) ruling on temp workers which leaves the company with a VAT charge, input tax issues in U-Drive over repair bills and the low cost traders' flat rate scheme

Tax / EU plans tighter anti-fraud measures with PIF directive

The European Council has adopted legislation, known as the Protection of the Union's Financial Interests (PIF) directive, designed to protect the financial interests of the EU by having common rules for the prosecution and sanctioning of crimes against EU finances, including VAT fraud, making it easier to recover misused EU funds

Tax / HMRC consults on 20% VAT on non-EU mobile roaming charges

HMRC has opened a four-week consultation on plans announced at Budget 2017 to charge UK VAT on all telecommunication services, particularly mobile phone calls and internet browsing, used outside the EU by UK consumers

Tax / HMRC not doing enough to tackle £1.5bn online VAT losses

HMRC’s understanding of the amount of tax lost to online VAT fraud and error, which it says may be up to £1.5bn annually, and its efforts to tackle the problem, have been criticised by the National Audit Office (NAO) as lacking sufficient detail or urgency

Tax / Potential traps to avoid in your VAT return - part 2

In part two of our series on VAT compliance, The Tax Guys managing partner Jonathan Amponsah outlines five potential pitfalls to avoid in making VAT returns from overseas transactions to whether to claim VAT on business entertainment

Tax / OECD sets out plans for first OECD Act on VAT

The OECD has set out plans to issue an official VAT and general sales tax act, incorporated into OECD guidance to help harmonise global compliance and collection to improve levels of VAT and general sales tax collection, and reduce evasion