Accounting / Marshall: taking stock of FRS 102 - triennial review

Andrew Marshall FCA, senior technical partner at KPMG, outlines the proposed changes to FRS 102 accounting rules from definition of financial instruments to property investments and directors’ loans

Accounting / Financial reporting for LLPs under revised SORP: tips and advice

Under the revised accounting SORP for LLPs, small partnerships must exercise increased judgment in disclosures when applying new accounting rules which take into account new UK GAAP, explain Andrew Baker, head of professional services group, north west, and Colin Burns, technical director, RSM

Accounting / Small business accounts: investment property - part 5

In the fifth of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley examines the key new UK GAAP changes for small businesses accounting for investment property and explains how small rule changes can create substantial challenges 

Accounting / ICAEW publishes guidance on dividend and distributable profit payouts

ICAEW and ICAS have published the long-awaited guidance Tech 02/17BL on realised and distributable profits, covering treatment of dividends, which now takes into account the impact of FRS 102 accounting rules

Accounting / Dealing with dividend payments

A further two companies, Domino's Pizza and Dunelm, have recently admitted to incorrect dividends payouts, demonstrating that paying out the wrong dividends is becoming an increasingly complicated issue for listed companies, warn Kate Ball-Dodd, partner and Dominic Palmer, senior associate at Mayer Brown International LLP

Accounting / FRS 102: three-year review proposes revisions to directors' loan accounting

In the first triennial review of new UK GAAP, the standard setter is considering changes to reporting of directors’ loans, investment property and the definition of financial instruments. Anne Cowley ACA assesses the proposals and impact on company reporters

Accounting / Charity Commission introduces accounts templates

The Charity Commission has launched an accounts templates pack for small charitable companies, designed in partnership with Companies House, to help trustees of charitable companies with an income of under £500,000 prepare their accounts

Accounting / FRS 102 and employee benefits - NEW CPD module

This month's CCH Daily CPD module focuses on employee benefits under the scope of Section 28 in FRS 102 under new UK GAAP, with advice on stating employee benefits in accounts and calculating more challenging benefits regarding termination

Accounting / FRC proposes simplifications to FRS 102 to cut costs

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is consulting on proposals to make some significant changes to FRS 102 to clarify loan definitions and alter the market definition of some directors loans 

Accounting / Small business accounts: financial instruments - part 4

Anne Cowley ACA considers potential pitfalls when reporting and accounting for director’s loans, fixed asset invements and derivatives under new UK GAAP, with tips and advice for smaller businesses considering adopting FRS 105

Accounting / FRS 102: related parties and close family members - tips and advice

In part 20 of our New UK GAAP series, Helen Lloyd FCA assesses the accounting reporting for related parties looking at disclosure requirements about close family members, associates and joint ventures, an area which is dealt with fairly vaguely in FRS 102 section 33

Accounting / Stallabrass: post-Brexit accounting standards from UK GAAP to IFRS

Matthew Stallabrass, partner in the corporate team at Crowe Clark Whitehill, considers how Brexit may affect the future use of key accounting standards in the UK from FRS 102 - new UK GAAP - to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 

Accounting / FRS 102: accounting for groups - tips and advice

In part 19 of this exclusive New UK GAAP series, Helen Lloyd FCA unpicks the accounting rules for reporting entities involved in groups or other entities, as set out in FRS 102 sections 9, 14, 15 and 19

Accounting / FRS 102: accounting for provisions and contingencies - tips and advice

In part 18 of this exclusive New UK GAAP series, Helen Lloyd FCA assesses the accounting rules on provisions and contingencies, set out in FRS 102 section 21, which closely reflect the old treatment so should not pose significant transition issues

Accounting / Small business accounts: transition to new UK GAAP - part 3

In the third of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley ACA provides useful tips and advice on the move to the new accounting rules for small business