Tax / HMRC: software vendors will not be ready for Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital programme director Theresa Middleton has warned members of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee that some software vendors will not be ready to take part in the Making Tax Digital pilot scheme set to commence in April 2017. Calum Fuller reports

Tax / Microsoft founder Gates advocates robots pay taxes

Billionaire Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has predicted that in future there will be a need for robots to pay taxes, as increasingly automation replaces more jobs, in order to prevent inequalities

Tax / Small businesses face ’10 year payback’ for Making Tax Digital

Small businesses could face a wait of up to 10 years before they see a return from investing in becoming compliant with Making Tax Digital, members of the House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee have heard. Calum Fuller reports

Tax / Lords to examine Making Tax Digital for farmers and small businesses

Farmers, small businesses and landlords are to give evidence to the Economic Affairs Finance Bill sub-committee on the government's Making Tax Digital project today

Tax / HMRC to develop own online verification service

HMRC is to develop its own identity verification service for some taxpayers, rather than using the Verify online identity assurance service currently being developed by the Government Digital Service (GDS) as the standard ID platform for the public sector

Tax / HMRC upgrade to interactive online forms creates PDF problem

HMRC is changing the format of its online forms to make them interactive which means that PDFs cannot be opened without upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Reader, which could interfere with existing software preferences on user PCs

Tax / Changing accounting date could delay Making Tax Digital for self employed

Self employed businesses and sole traders who feel they may need more time to adjust to the requirements of Making Tax Digital could consider changing their accounting date, according to ICAEW

Tax / Riley: Making Tax Digital means Making Tax Digital

Last week saw an interesting few days. We had the vote on triggering Article 50 in the Commons and a day later the publication of the Brexit White Paper. Getting in just before the filing deadline of 31 January, HMRC’s response to the six consultations on Making Tax Digital landed with a thud. Jonathan Reilly, head of tax at Grant Thornton reacts to the digitisation plans  

Tax / Lords brand Making Tax Digital mandation ‘undemocratic’

Members of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Finance Bill sub-committee have described the mandatory uptake of Making Tax Digital as ‘undemocratic’ as they continue their enquiries into the project’s rollout. Calum Fuller reports

Tax / Making Tax Digital £10k threshold ‘ridiculous’, claim Lords

HMRC’s £10,000 threshold for use of Making Tax Digital has been excoriated by members of the House of Lords economic affairs committee, who branded the proposal ‘ridiculous’

Tax / Lords probe software companies on lack of readiness for Making Tax Digital

HMRC’s timetable for user testing for Making Tax Digital is rushed, while the level of communication between software developers and HMRC is inadequate and there is not enough detailed specifications about the IT requirements for the rollout, leading software company chiefs told Lords Committee. Sara White reports

Tax / Roy-Chowdhury: Making Tax Digital timetable could hurt businesses

Making Tax Digital must take account of the needs of small businesses says ACCA head of taxation Chas Roy-Chowdhury 

Tax / Government approach to cyber security ‘dysfunctional’

The government’s approach to handling public sector data breaches is ‘inconsistent and dysfunctional’ and it should do more to consolidate an ‘alphabet soup’ of agencies involved in the fight against cybercrime, according to a report from the public accounts committee (PAC)

Tax / Making Tax Digital: HMRC to soft launch beta testing with April pilot

HMRC plans to start testing the Making Tax Digital reporting system from April with an initial cohort of 100 or so testers in place for the pilot, with ambitious plans to expand the number of testers to the thousands by the autumn, reports Sara White

Tax / Nunn: digital could be HMRC’s white elephant

Yvette Nunn CTA is heartened MPs in the Treasury Committee have added their voice to the profession's concerns around Making Tax Digital and its ambitious timetable for its introduction