Insight / Intern survey 2017: emerging talent

In Accountancy's first survey of internships, Amy Austin talks to the top ten accounting firms about their intern programmes, pay rates and recruitment policies and talks to a handful of past and present interns about their personal experiences

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainees survey 2017: accounting and tax qualifications

Having to choose which accounting qualification to acquire can be daunting for trainees with an overwhelming choice of eight. Amy Austin breaks down each professional qualification in terms of time frame, exam syllabus and pass rates to help school leavers and graduates decide which one is most appropriate

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainees survey 2017: the trainee perspective

CCH Daily’s Amy Austin speaks to a selection of apprentices and graduates at leading accounting firms to find out how they juggle working life with time to study for their accounting qualifications

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainees survey 2017: rise in training contracts

A double digit percentage rise in the number of trainees is marked by a new approach to recruitment and qualifications at the Top 75 accounting firms, reports Philip Smith

Insight / Top 75 accounting firms report 9% rise in fee income

For a seventh consecutive year firms in Accountancy’s Top 75 survey registered growth, with fee income up more than £1bn on last year to £13.9bn, a 9% increase, tempered by a drop in partner profitability

Insight / Top 75 firms survey 2017: profit squeeze as fee income nears £14bn

As fee income at the Top 75 accounting firms approaches £14bn, the cost of investment in technology and talent is squeezing partner profits across the board. Philip Smith analyses the latest financial results, profitability, growth areas and considers the key trends to watch

Insight / Editor’s comment: futureproofing profits at accounting firms

Profitability is being squeezed at accounting firms despite seven years of sustained growth at the Top 75 accounting firms in the UK. Sara White, editor of Accountancy on the trends to watch and prospects for the profession

Audit / FTSE 100 audit market ‘slowing’ despite 10% growth

The frequency of auditor changes among the FTSE 100 is beginning to slow, according to Big Four advisers taking part in Accountancy’s FTSE 100 Auditors Survey

Audit / FTSE 100: Auditors Survey 2016

With a record number of audits in the FTSE 100 switching auditor firms, Philip Smith considers the impact on fee levels, the non audit services (NAS) cap and a slowing volume of tendering activity, as the Big Four audit firms continue to dominate the listed market

Audit / Editor's comment: era of conflict over non audit services

As the FTSE 100 continues to revolve their audit contracts around the Big Four, the 70% cap on non-audit services is creating additional pressure for audit firms as they attempt to clean up their billing and divest of potential areas of conflict. The question for the boards of the major accountants is how the cap will affect future growth, says Sara White, editor of Accountancy

Insight / Top 25 survey: global accounting networks & associations 2016

Dominated by Big Four networks, the global accounting market is merging and evolving to retain client marketshare as combined revenues hit $183.92bn (£125.23bn), up 4.6% year on year, while growth at PwC International sees the network leapfrogging Deloitte into number one position, reports Rachel Willcox

Insight / Top 25 survey 2016: failure to promote women at global accounting networks

Gender diversity in the workplace is fundamental to business success; research has shown that companies with more women in leadership positions are more profitable and more efficient. But has anyone told the accountancy profession, asks Rachel Fielding?

Audit / FTSE 250: Auditors Survey 2016

With nearly half the companies in the FTSE 250 having recently switched auditor or planning to tender their audit in the next two years, the £185m UK audit market is going into overdrive, reports Philip Smith

Insight / Survey: BAME and diversity at accounting firms

In the first Accountancy survey of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) partners and senior managers at the top 10 accounting firms, Philip Smith talks to key players and BAME partners and accountants about why progress on partner numbers is so slow and talks diversity with KPMG senior partner Simon Collins

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainees survey 2016: competing for talent to Top 75 accounting firms

With name, school and university stripped out of trainee applications and the top UK accounting firms vying to attract the best accounting applicants, Philip Smith reviews recruitment policy at the Top 75 Firms, including league tables of performance by trainee numbers