Property tax

Tax / HMRC forces trusts and estates to register online by 5 October

All trusts and estates with a tax liability must register online via the HMRC trusts and estates online service by 5 October following the withdrawal of paper form 41G (Trusts)

Tax / OTS call to digitise paper stamp duty

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is calling for the government to reform and digitise the current regime for paper stamp duty on some share transactions, describing the current approach as ‘outdated and cumbersome’

Tax / Tax filing deadlines: Jul-Dec 2017

The key HMRC filing deadlines from July to December 2017 including deadline for expenses and benefit forms P11D(b), P9D and P11D, online CIS returns, PAYE settlement agreement

Tax / Buy-to-let properties: pros and cons of operating through a limited company

Changes to the tax system mean that mortgage relief for buy-to-let landlords is being removed gradually until 2020. Jonathan Amponsah CTA FCA, founder of The Tax Guys gives the top ten pros and cons on whether to transfer properties into a limited company, with tips and advice on the best approach

Tax / Number of buy-to-let properties available to rent shrinks

The UK has seen an 11.6% decline in the number of properties available to rent over the last six years, due to landlords selling their portfolios to avoid making a loss and changes in the way buy-to-let investments are taxed 

Tax / HMRC collects record £5.1bn in inheritance tax

A record £5.1bn has been collected by HMRC through inheritance tax receipts this year, a 9% increase on 2016, reflecting growing property values and frozen threshold rates

Tax / HMRC updates tax calculation summary notes 2017

HMRC has revised the tax calculation summary notes (2017) to help individuals calculate the best way to use their personal tax allowance, including advice on accounting for dividends and residential property income under new rules

Tax / London landlords face highest costs in UK

London has been named as the most expensive region in the UK for landlords with average running costs totalling £6,535 each year before tax, almost double the national average of £3,632, according to research from mortgage lender Kent Reliance

Tax / Call for longer period to settle inheritance tax bills

Royal London is calling on HMRC to grant people more time to settle inheritance tax bills, after finding executors of larger, more complex estates risk having to pay these out of their own pocket, because of the time taken to wind up financial affairs

Tax / General election 2017: manifesto tax policies at a glance

With days to go until the general election on 8 June, CCH Daily gives a snapshot of the key tax measures from income tax to the doubling of the employer charge for non-EU workers announced by the UK's political parties in their manifestos

Tax / Inheritance tax: passing on wealth to the children

The significance of inheritance tax and succession planning has shot to the top of the agenda as the question of long-term care costs has erupted. Liz Cuthbertson, partner at Mercer & Hole, examines the key IHT points to consider and the importance of taking action in good time

Tax / Dividend tax changes: how they affect trusts and beneficiaries

Peter Rayney FCA CTA TEP, examines the impact of dividend tax changes to trusts and their beneficiaries from bare trusts to interest in posession trusts, starting by highlighting some very important anti-avoidance rules, which effectively take precedence over all the other provisions, with worked examples of how to use trusts effectively 

Tax / Employment tax updates: June 2017

The latest employment tax news including, Jackie Hall ACA CTA, partner at RSM, unpicks the latest stamp duty land tax (SDLT) take on residential property, real time PAYE coding, and off payroll working in the public sector

Tax / Tax filing deadlines: Jun-Dec 2017

The key HMRC filing deadlines from Jun to December 2017 including deadline for expenses and benefit forms P11D(b), P9D and P11D, online CIS returns, PAYE settlement agreement

Tax / Manifestos fail to ‘offer honest set of choices’, says IFS

Neither the Conservatives’ nor Labour’s manifestos address the long-term challenges faced by the public sector, according to assessment by the Institute for Fiscal Studies