Tax / UKIP promises no tax rises

Speaking at the launch of the UKIP manifesto, deputy chairman Suzanne Evans has said it is the only party going into the forthcoming election to pledge not to raise taxes, with plans to introduce a £13,500 threshold for paying income tax by the end of the next parliament

Tax / Trump budget plan attacked over accounting maths

US President Donald Trump has published his first budget, which proposes a $3.6 trillion (£2.8 trillion) cut in government spending over the next decade to balance the budget by 2017, but it has come under fire over the calculations used

Tax / Wach: US tax could be on cusp of brave new world

Taxand managing director Tim Wach examines the scope of meaningful change in the corporate tax overhaul in the US and whether this will be achievable during Donald Trump’s term as president

Tax / Green Party pledges to abolish cap on employees' NICs

The wealthiest in society will pay significantly more tax under Green Party plans, the party reveals in its manifesto

Tax / Election: the tax snapshot

As the June snap election looms, Calum Fuller asks tax advisers what tax policy they are looking for from the new government with certainty and a stop to the constant changes to tax rules at the top of the agenda

Tax / General election 2017: party policies on tax

With four weeks to go until the general election on 8 June, CCH Daily gives a snapshot of the key tax measures from income tax to the doubling of the employer charge for non-EU workers announced by the UK's political parties in their manifestos

Tax / Conservatives to means test winter fuel allowance

For the first time the Conservatives have signalled plans to end the universal winter fuel allowance with the introduction of a means tested system, likely to be based on income, if they win the general election

Tax / Conservative £100k social care plan lacks any detail

Plans to overhaul the funding of social care with the introduction of a single capital floor on savings and assets for care costs, set at £100,000, are vague and the Conservatives have provided any precise detail on how they will work, while contradicting the recently introduced inheritance tax nil-rate band, reports Sara White

Tax / Conservatives propose tougher regulation of tax advisory firms in manifesto

Firms providing tax advice can expect greater scrutiny and regulation should the Conservatives remain in government following the general election on 8 June

Tax / Lib Dems consider corporation tax overhaul in manifesto

Corporation tax would be restored to 20% under a Liberal Democrat government, as the party considers shifting from a profits tax to a turnover- or sales-based model, its manifesto reveals

Tax / Labour manifesto: new tax band for high earners

Labour claims it will fund its £48.6bn of pledges with extra tax revenue, including from a new 50p income tax band for those earning over £123,000, as it launched its election manifesto

Tax / Economic trends: unstoppable forces and immovable objects

Nomura chief UK economist George Buckley takes stock of the UK’s progress since its vote to leave the EU, the tightening consumer confidence and the effect of the snap election on the economy

Tax / Labour proposes £26bn ‘Robin Hood’ tax

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said the party will introduce a financial transactions tax if it wins the general election next month, claiming the so-called ‘Robin Hood’ tax would raise £26bn over the course of the next Parliament

Tax / LibDems pledge 20% corporation tax

Ahead of the launch of his party’s election manifesto next week, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said his party would raise corporation tax to 20% and abolish the married couples' tax allowance

Tax / Labour plans tax increase for £80k earners

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has indicated the Labour party intends to increase taxes for those earning over £80,000, but has pledged to freeze all other taxes for the duration of the next Parliament, as part of a policy which he claimed would benefit 95% of taxpayers