Tax / US corporate tax regime could shift to territorial basis

The US corporate tax regime could be set for a major shift to a territorial basis, rather than its current worldwide basis, under plans to overhaul its system 

Tax / Osborne appointed as Evening Standard editor

Ex-Chancellor, George Osborne has been appointed as the new editor of the London Evening Standard starting from May, its owner Evgeny Lebedev has confirmed

Tax / Brookes: government must replace Class 4 NICs revenue

David Brookes casts his eye over the Budget and predicts future tax measures to tackle disparities over employment taxes and digital real estate operations

Tax / Herring: NICs U-turn symptom of lack of clear employment tax policy

The government needs to outline its broader policy on national insurance lest politics stymies development of a fairer tax regime, says Institute of Directors head of taxation Stephen Herring

Tax / Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return reveals £31m bill

President Donald Trump’s partial tax return, which was leaked to a US television network on 14 March, shows he paid $38m (£31m) in tax on more than $150m (£123m) of income in 2005

Tax / Collins: national insurance ripe for reform

With the future over the decision to raise the rate of NICs for the self employed, Gary Collins, tax partner at Mazars, shares his post Budget thoughts on the future of national insurance in the UK tax regime and asks whether a radical overhaul of the system would ever be possible 

Tax / Sturgeon calls for second Scottish independence referendum

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has confirmed plans to ask for parliamentary approval to hold a second Scottish referendum, expecting to hold a vote in 2018/19

Tax / Class 4 NICs rise to be delayed, says May

Theresa May has moved to delay Philip Hammond’s controversial move to raise Class 4 national insurance contributions (NICs) until the autumn after MPs and stakeholders expressed concern over the measure

Tax / Osborne to earn £650k for working four days a month

Former Chancellor, George Osborne, is set to earn £650,000 a year from working only four days a month at global investment group, BlackRock, after updating his entry in the registry of MPs’ interests on Budget day

Tax / Self employed backlash could scupper fairer national insurance system

In an attempt to make the tax system fairer and remove tax incentives for alternative forms of employment, Chancellor Philip Hammond has seemingly declared war on a group that ranges from taxi drivers and hairdressers through to independent consultants, contractors and accountants, reports Philip Smith

Tax / Budget 2017: tax avoidance enablers rules to raise £100m in fines

Fines against enablers of tax avoidance schemes are set to generate an extra £100m for the Exchequer, projections in the Budget show, reports Calum Fuller

Tax / Herring: national insurance rise should be part of proper tax review

The government should outline its broader policy on National Insurance lest politics stymies the development of a fairer, more coherent regime says Institute of Directors' head of taxation Stephen Herring

Tax / Budget 2017: £5m fund to boost return to work after career breaks

The Chancellor has made a commitment to encourage retraining after long career breaks with £5m of new funding to identify how best to increase the number of returnships offering people who have taken lengthy career breaks a clear route back to employment

Tax / Brookes: NIC rise hits partners in accountancy firms

David Brookes, tax partner at BDO LLP, looks at some of the key announcements in the Budget including plans to increase NICs and the impact on partners in accounting firms, dividend tax allowance cuts and longer term fiscal strategy 

Tax / Budget 2017: public sector off-payroll changes loom

Responsibility for deciding how consultants working for the public sector via an intermediary should be taxed will shift to the employer from April 2017, amid fears it could be extended to the private sector as the government seeks to equalise the tax treatment of employees and off-payroll workers