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Insight / Buying and selling companies: due diligence checklist

When buying or selling a company it is essential to follow a structured due diligence process from reviewing fundamental financial performance to the current management of the business. Clive Hyman, MD of Hyman Capital Services offers tips and advice on the key issues to consider in a step-by-step guide 

Insight / Underwood: equity and profit share issues when selling accounting practice

Keith Underwood, managing director of Foulger Underwood considers the problem of diverging partner aspirations when merger multi-partner accounting practices and offers tips and advice on issues to consider when partners decide to sell out

Insight / Letters of engagement: tips and advice

When signing up a new client, it is mandatory for accountancy practices to produce letters of engagement setting out the terms of the business agreement and contracted services. CCH Daily provides tips and advice on writing effective engagement letters to avoid unnecessary client disputes

Insight / Leonard Curtis sets up legal services division

Mid-tier firm Leonard Curtis has confirmed its newly-established legal services division, which it will run from Manchester headed by its head of business restructuring Andrew Gregory

Insight / Scale of Blick Rothenberg challenge to Big Four ‘not yet clear’

The new owners of mid-tier firm Blick Rothenberg are set to face enormous hurdles if they are to attempt their reported ambitions of taking on the Big Four, Calum Fuller reports

Insight / AICPA and CIMA begin work on joint association

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) are forming a new association that will launch in 2017, to represent the accounting profession

Insight / Online wealth management service launched

Two former senior banking executives launched a new online wealth management service targeting high network individuals, branded as Netwealth