International tax

Tax / Manifestos fail to ‘offer honest set of choices’, says IFS

Neither the Conservatives’ nor Labour’s manifestos address the long-term challenges faced by the public sector, according to assessment by the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Tax / Messi’s ‘red card’ for tax fraud confirmed

Spain's Supreme Court has confirmed a 21-month jail term for Barcelona striker and Argentinian football international Lionel Messi, for charges of tax fraud, but the player is unlikely to be sent off the pitch to serve time in prison

Tax / UK rejects Europe-wide corporation tax

Only 16% of UK businesses support the idea of an EU-wide corporate tax rate, and just 6% of those in Ireland, compared to the majority of European businesses which are in favour of a common approach, according to research by Grant Thornton

Tax / Trump budget plan attacked over accounting maths

US President Donald Trump has published his first budget, which proposes a $3.6 trillion (£2.8 trillion) cut in government spending over the next decade to balance the budget by 2017, but it has come under fire over the calculations used

Tax / EU agrees double taxation dispute resolution system

The European Council has agreed on a new system for resolving double taxation disputes within the EU, in a bid to reduce the difficulty and the tax burden of doing business across borders

Tax / Hallam: take VAT responsibility post-Brexit

There is a growing tendency for EU tax authorities to attempt to ‘responsibilise’ third parties for the failures of clients and partners to meet VAT obligations, Accordance chief executive Nicholas Hallam warns

Tax / Scottish overseas taxpayers at risk of inaccurate bills, ATT warns

Scottish people living outside the UK are at risk of paying the incorrect tax as a result of confusion over whether they should be treated as Scottish or UK taxpayers, the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) warns

Tax / 31 May deadline for filing automatic exchange of information (AEOI) returns

The deadline for submitting automatic exchange of information (AEOI) returns for the year ended 31 December 2016 is 31 May 2017 for financial institutions, and that this is the first year for common reporting standards (CRS) filing

Tax / Wach: US tax could be on cusp of brave new world

Taxand managing director Tim Wach examines the scope of meaningful change in the corporate tax overhaul in the US and whether this will be achievable during Donald Trump’s term as president

Tax / CJEU says member states should stop tax ‘fishing’ requests

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has handed down a ruling that the courts of one member state may review the legality of requests for tax information sent by another member state, but cannot conduct ‘fishing’ requests which are devoid of any foreseeable relevance to the tax investigation concerned

Tax / Election: the tax snapshot

As the June snap election looms, Calum Fuller asks tax advisers what tax policy they are looking for from the new government with certainty and a stop to the constant changes to tax rules at the top of the agenda

Tax / Scotland mulls plan to raise top income tax rate to 50p

The Scottish finance secretary has indicated the government is conserving whether to raise the top rate of income tax in Scotland to 50p next year, in line with an SNP manifesto commitment

Tax / UK in top three for EU ‘sin taxes’

The UK, along with Ireland and Finland, tops the European league table for ‘lifestyle regulations’, including heavy taxes on alcohol, soft drinks, e-cigarettes, food, and tobacco, according to research by the European Policy Information Centre (EPICENTER)

Tax / French president elect Macron aims for 25% corporation tax

Newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron has committed to reducing the rate of corporation tax from its current level of 33.3% to 25%, with the aim of bringing it in line with the EU average within five years

Tax / Football star Neymar facing trial over fraud allegations

Brazilian football international Neymar and his current club, Barcelona, are facing trial over allegations of fraud and corruption relating to the striker’s transfer from Brazilian team Santos in 2013