Insight / Charity Commission criticises charity’s lack of control over Syria funding

A Charity Commission inquiry into Masoom, a charity which operated in areas including Syria and Pakistan, has found evidence of poor financial management and governance and misconduct by trustees in relation to sending funds overseas

Insight / Charity Commission tightens regulatory approach

The Charity Commission is to focus on promoting compliance by charity trustees with their legal obligations and enhancing the rigour with which it holds charities accountable in its new regulatory approach, released today

Insight / Inquiry finds poor financial controls and no activity at charity

A Charity Commission inquiry into REDAID, which was set up to provide relief for the victims of natural disasters worldwide, has found that charity failed to carry out its declared aims and had poor financial controls, with irregularities identified in the way that it operated its bank account

Insight / Founder misappropriated £420K from dog rescue charity

The founder of a charity dedicated to rescuing abandoned or mistreated dogs misappropriated two legacy donations totalling more than £420,000 by paying the monies into a private bank account, according to an inquiry by the Charity Commission 

Insight / Charity Commission to review annual return

The Charity Commission has launched a consultation as part of its two-year project to change and review what information is collected from charities as part of the annual return, so that only information required for regulatory purposes is gathered

Insight / Charity Commission raises concerns over poor governance

The Charity Commission says poor governance lay behind the majority of cases it identified for compliance and investigatory work in 2016, including high profile cases regarding fundraising and financial abuse, and says the role of the board of charity trustees is not an ‘optional extra’ in a charity but an essential precondition for good management

Insight / Charity Commission slams Birmingham charity for £1m undeclared income

A Charity Commission inquiry has found that a charity set up as a supplier of vocational training was mismanaged by its trustees, with close to £1m of income and over £700,000 of expenditure not declared in its accounts

Insight / ‘The Force’ not with Charity Commission over Jedi religion

Just as the latest Star Wars movie hits the screens in time for Christmas, the Charity Commission has rejected The Temple of the Jedi Order's (TOTJO’s) application for charitable status in a significant decision which considered the definition of religion in charity law

Insight / Regulatory inquiry finds charity’s £5m investment lost £3.9m

The Charity Commission has published a report of its inquiry into Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), which found former trustees had invested £5m of the charity’s money on the promise of a 55% return, and had made a £3.9m loss when the former trustee responsible for the investments was declared bankrupt

Insight / Charity Commission launches customer survey on digital strategy

A customer survey has been launched by the Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, to seek public views on its digital services 

Insight / ‘Significant’ financial loss at children’s charity

The Charity Commission has published a report into its investigation of the Greenfinch Charitable Trust, which found the charity had suffered significant financial losses as a result of breaches of trust, culminating in a High Court case to recover monies

Tax / Government VAT donation on Christmas charity single

Chancellor Philip Hammond has shown some Christmas goodwill in announced that the VAT on sales of the X Factor winner’s charity single will be donated to two children’s charities

Insight / Poor governance at footballer Didier Drogba's charity

The Charity Commission has issued an action plan for the Didier Drogba Foundation, after an inquiry identified governance failings, but said there was no evidence to support claims of fraud or corruption at the charity which was set up by the former Chelsea footballer and Ivorian international

Insight / Charity Commission investigates Cowesby Trust

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into the Cowesby Trust over concerns about the financial management of the charity, which was set up to help people in hardship in a north Yorkshire parish

Insight / Call for action on charity board diversity

MPs are calling for urgent action from charities to tackle boardroom diversity, after a report found over half (57.4%) of the UK’s top 500 charities have no Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) board members