HMRC publish guidance on unauthorised unit trusts: tax year 2017-18

Released 11 August 2017

HMRC have published new guidance Unauthorised Unit Trusts: tax year 2017-18, which explains the changes to the tax treatment of unauthorised Unit Trusts (UUTs) for tax year 2017-18.

The guidance explains the treatment of an exempt UUT, whose trustees are UK resident and whose investors are all exempt from capital gains tax or corporation tax on chargeable gains (for reasons other than residency); a non-exempt UUT, which is neither an exempt UUT nor a mixed UUT and is within the charge to corporation tax; and a mixed UUT, which has at least one exempt unit holder and one non-exempt unit holder, and will continue to complete its self-assessment trust and estate tax return in the same way as for earlier years.

View the new guidance Unauthorised Unit Trusts: tax year 2017 to 2018.

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