HMRC agent talking points meeting: cyber security and cyber aware campaign

Released 8 August 2017

HMRC are holding an agents talking points meeting Cyber Security & HMGs Cyber Aware Campaign - ‘Keeping Secure Online’ on 11 September 2017.

The meeting will explain some of the basic and simple things that can be done to keep agents, businesses and clients secure online, both at work and at home. The event will also introduce the Cyber Aware campaign and how it can help promote its core messages to employees and clients, along with an overview of the threat and the UK Government and law enforcement’s wider work in this space. The meeting will take place on:

11 September 2017 midday – 1 p.m. Register now for this meeting

HMRC are requesting any questions for their subject experts to be sent to prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of the email.

Earlier meetings can be viewed online at Agent toolkits, digital meetings, webinars, e-learning and videos.

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