HMRC promote agent account managers mediation service

Released 8 August 2017

HMRC are promoting their agent account managers (AAM) service which provides help to resolve client-specific issues by acting as an intermediary between agents and HMRC when normal communication channels have failed.

The service aims to mediate with the business area to reach a satisfactory conclusion, avoiding the need for a formal complaint.

Agents can register for the AAM service before an issues arises, and only one agent from each business practice/branch need register to allow everyone in the practice/branch to use the service. However, agents must first demonstrate having tried to resolve the issue through other means such as contacting helplines and checking ‘Where’s my reply’.

The service cannot be used for issues being handled by other parts of HMRC, it does not deal with complaints, compliance checks or appeals against HMRC decisions, or disputed charges but can be used to progress and/or chase such issues. The service does not give advice on technical matters, or the interpretation of tax legislation and guidance.

For more information about the AAM service or to provide feedback about the service, please visit the GOV.UK webpage Agent Account Managers in HMRC.

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