Insight / Warning on Brexit finance uncertainty

With the UK’s negotiations over leaving the EU still uncertain, less than one third of UK businesses (29%) have made Brexit plans, while under a half (43%) have held meetings to discuss the opportunities and risks, according to ICAEW research

Insight / Government publishes Brexit Repeal Bill

Prime Minister Theresa May has published the Repeal Bill which will transpose current EU laws into UK law post-Brexit, as opposition parties threaten to vote against the Bill when it is debated in the House of Commons unless changes are made, reports Amy Austin

Insight / FCA head calls for open markets post Brexit

The chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bailey, has said that restricting trade it not an ‘inevitable or necessary’ response to Brexit, while the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has said ‘frictionless trade’ is not possible once the UK leaves

Insight / Treasury’s Brexit forecasts did not highlight uncertainty in predictions

The Treasury’s processes and procedures for forecasting the economic impact of leaving the EU in the run up to last year’s referendum were broadly in line with those supplied by other institutions, but failed to emphasise sufficiently the level of uncertainty in its estimates, the National Audit Office (NAO) has found

Insight / Brexit hits UK’s attractiveness to overseas talent

Brexit has negatively affected the UK’s attractiveness to overseas talent, with nearly half of skilled non-Brits based in the UK likely to leave in the next five years, according to Deloitte research

Insight / UK and European Commission set out citizens’ rights proposals

Both the UK and European Commission have set out their positions on reciprocal rights for their respective citizens after Brexit

Insight / Brexit and the Irish perspective: an exercise in uncertainty

A year since the Brexit vote, Mark Kennedy, managing partner of Mazars, takes stock of the ramifications for Irish business, financial services and agriculture examining border issues, company relocations and political uncertainty

Insight / Queen’s Speech 2017: eight Bills to support Brexit plans

The government has unveiled details on eight separate pieces of legislation that will implement the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, addressing issues around trade, immigration, agriculture, international sanctions, customs, nuclear safeguards and fisheries, including the Repeal Bill which transposes EU law into UK law

Tax / France and Germany mull plans for eurozone finance minister

The prospect of an finance minister and centralised fiscal budget for Eurozone countries has increased after German chancellor Angela Merkel said the proposal should be considered

Tax / Two-year parliamentary session confirmed as Brexit negotiations commence

Parliament will sit for double its usual length of time, to enable it to process the bills and legislation relating to Brexit, the government has confirmed

Insight / Brexit talks begin as UK aims to strike a deal

The first steps towards Brexit will be taken today as the UK and the EU begin their formal discussions, with Chancellor Philip Hammond saying that leaving without a deal would be ‘a very bad outcome for Britain’

Tax / Brexit: tax advisers consider long-term implications for business

As Brexit talks start, Jaimie Kaffash gauges the views of accountants and tax advisers about the challenges ahead and implications for business in terms of tax rates, export and import tariffs and general confidence

Tax / Hammond keeps his job as Chancellor of the Exchequeur

Philip Hammond is set to remain as Chancellor in the new Conservative minority government, retaining his position at the Treasury, alongside other senior ministers including foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit minister David Davis

Tax / DUP could clash with Conservatives over Brexit

The Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP) opposition to a hard Brexit could prove a stumbling block in attempts to strike a deal with the Conservatives, reports Calum Fuller

Tax / Gibraltar and Brexit: low-tax financial status at risk

Gibraltar's favourable tax status may be put at risk when Brexit talks as the territory is set to play a pivotal role in negotiations. Stuart Gray, senior editor at Wolters Kluwer Global Tax Weekly, examines what is at stake for this low-tax financial centre