Insight / Economic trends: sterling works

Martin Beck, senior economist at Oxford Economics analyses how the pound has managed to remain resilient over the last year despite global political headwinds and Brexit fears

Tax / Brexit and EU rules: Posting of Workers Directive – part 2

In part two of our EU Directives series, Stefan Petrovski, accountant at Paris-based accounting firm Primexis, considers changes to the rules on secondment and posting of workers to other EU member states for provision of services by companies under the Posting of Workers Directive

Insight / Brexit casts shadow over UK business confidence

Globally business optimism is at its highest level on record, increasing by 23% in the past year, but over the same period the UK has seen a marked drop in optimism because of Brexit uncertainty, according to research from Grant Thornton

Accounting / IAS 21: hedging currency in a Brexit world

Foreign exchange volatility is one of the most worrying factors in the run-up to Brexit. Armaghan Haq of Lloyds Banking Group examines the implications of a volatile sterling and possible remedial action under IAS 21 accounting requirements

Tax / Brexit and EU rules: Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) - part 1

In the first of a series on EU Directives affecting the accounting and tax profession, both in statute and at the debate stage, Stefan Petrovski of Paris-based accounting firm, Primexis, analyses the significant changes that derive from recent EU directives in the accounting and finance field, starting with the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) 

Insight / EU directives listed in preparation for Brexit process

Parliament has created a briefing paper outlining EU directives currently in force and how they are implemented in the UK to allow EU legislators to assess the task ahead of converting EU law into UK law, as outlined in the Great Repeal Bill as part of the Brexit process

Insight / Brexit and the Great Repeal Bill

With the UK set to leave the EU in 2019 there is a great deal of work to be done to transpose EU law into UK law. Sophie Brooks and Christopher Davies, Gateley law experts, outline how the Great Repeal Bill will deal with existing EU rules post-Brexit

Insight / DB pension deficit calculations hit by Brexit volatility

There has been a £20bn decrease in the size of the deficit of defined benefit (DB) pension funds over the past month, which now stands at £500bn, according to analysis by PwC which warns the improvement may only be temporary, as the result of the way in which yields are calculated

Tax / Brexit fears fail to dent UK tax appeal

Brexit uncertainties have not diminished the tax advantages of the UK as yet despite concerns about future trade deals and a drop in inward investment 

Insight / CFOs' worries about Brexit begin to ease

UK CFOs are the most optimistic they have been in 18 months as the shock of Brexit starts to ease,  but their appetite for risk remains subdued compared to before the referendum vote, according to research from Deloitte

Insight / UK’s bill to leave EU could top €65bn

The UK could face a potential bill of between €25.4bn (£21.7bn) and €65.1bn (£55.8bn) to settle its financial commitments once it leaves the EU, according to calculations from Bruegel, a Brussels-based economic think tank

Tax / Brexit and tax accounting for US companies

Companies with UK operations should consider the income tax accounting effects of Brexit notification, say Jennifer Spang, partner, and Kassie Bauman, director in the national professional services group at PwC US 

Tax / HMRC under fire over customs declaration system

The Treasury committee is calling for urgent scrutiny of the ‘business critical’ Customs Declaration Service (CDS) being developed by HMRC to handle an anticipated five-fold increase in activity levels once the UK leaves the EU, which it says is at serious risk of not being ready on time

Insight / Great Repeal Bill sets out plan to convert EU Directives into UK law

In the next steps tpwards the UK's exit from the EU, the government has issued a white paper on the Great Repeal Bill, setting out how it plans to deal with existing EU rules in a post-Brexit world including EU Directives and rulings from the CJEU, although this will be subject to the final exit agreement

Insight / Brexit: MEPs set out conditions for approval

The UK will need to ensure fair treatment of EU citizens and refrain from developing trade agreements with third countries before completing its exit from the EU if it is to gain approval for an eventual Brexit, MEPs have said