Insight / Brexit and elections hit European business confidence

Business confidence in the eurozone has hit its lowest level since 2012, amid concerns over Brexit and forthcoming European elections with Germany, France and the Netherlands all set to go to the polls this year

Tax / BREAKING: May's 12-point plan for leaving the European Union

Prime Minister, Theresa May, has today outlined a 12-point plan to prepare the UK to leave the European Union, stating that the UK cannot stay in the single market, and has confirmed that parliament will have a vote on the final Brexit deal when it has been agreed

Tax / EU criticises Hammond's proposed UK tax plans

Ahead of a key speech by Prime Minister Teresa May tomorrow, in which she will indicate how the UK intends to approach negotiations to leave the EU, the Chancellor’s suggestion of a possible cut in the corporation tax rate if there is a ‘hard’ Brexit has attracted strong criticism

Insight / MPs warned of ‘Jenga’ effect of Brexit on financial services

The UK government should aim to negotiate a transition deal at the end of the scheduled two-year negotiations on Brexit, or risk losing thousands of financial services jobs as firms opt to move out of London in order to ensure they can still do business with the EU, MPs have been warned

Insight / Business confidence on the up

UK business confidence is rising fast as the outlook for the economy picks up, but SMEs remain concerned about their prospects for the year, according to two recent surveys

Tax / Economic trends: inflation and commodity prices could define 2017

As the new year begins to take shape, Laith Khalaf warns inflation and commodity prices could have a significant bearing on 2017

Insight / Brexit: rights for EU citizens working in the UK

Following the Brexit vote, many employers remain uncertain on the future implications of recruiting workers from EU countries. Stuart Chamberlain, employment law specialist, Wolters Kluwer, explores the issues around EU citizens working in the UK and vice versa

Insight / Barclays launches mobile app lending service for SMEs

Barclays has launched a mobile business lending service to provide instant loans via a mobile app to businesses after research has revealed an economic opportunity to release £34bn of growth from SMEs by 2021

Insight / ICAEW slams government export advertising campaign

The government’s £1 trillion export target and advertising campaign has failed to deliver any progress over the last two years according to research by ICAEW, which says there has been no change in the number of businesses exporting, although total exports rose in the latest official statistics

Insight / KPMG wins over half of £673m government contracts

The Big Four picked up work worth £673m from government contracts in the year to November 2016, with KPMG taking more than half of the money spent, according to research by Tussell

Insight / ICAEW supports Brexit plan tailored to advantage businesses

ICAEW is calling on the UK government to ensure that its preparations for the upcoming Brexit negotiations play to the strengths of the UK economy, and says it should aim for a deal which is tailored to benefit UK business and ensure the ongoing success of the professional services sector

Tax / Predictions for 2017: no more status quo for accountants and tax advisers

In our annual review, we talk to leading tax and accounting experts about their concerns and hopes for 2017 from Brexit scenario planning to the rushed move to HMRC Making Tax Digital and a host of new financial reporting requirements. By Rachel Willcox

Tax / Economic trends: don’t rule out more surprises in 2017

After an unpredictable and turbulent year, PwC senior economic adviser Andrew Sentance predicts a year of further political disruption in the US and Europe

Insight / Deloitte will not bid for government contracts for six months

Deloitte’s consultancy arm has agreed to not bid for government contracts for half a year following an argument with Prime Minister, Theresa May, over a leaked Brexit memo in November 2016

Insight / Brexit to hit UK investment

Over half of European businesses view Brexit as a threat, compared to 39% who see it as an opportunity, while 41% think the UK’s exit from the EU means it is now a less attractive investment destination according to a poll conducted for RSM