Insight / ICAEW estimates likely Brexit bill at £15bn

The UK’s bill for leaving the EU could be no more than £5bn, and will not exceed £30bn, according to analysis by ICAEW which says it wants to bring some objectivity to current speculation about how much the UK will have to pay for Brexit

Insight / MEPs query Gibraltar and Channel Islands post-Brexit plans

Following Brexit, MEPs in the European Parliament could demand restrictions on access to the single market by Gibraltar and the Channel Islands if they fail to reform their tax systems, an MEP has said

Tax / Economic trends: unstoppable forces and immovable objects

Nomura chief UK economist George Buckley takes stock of the UK’s progress since its vote to leave the EU, the tightening consumer confidence and the effect of the snap election on the economy

Insight / Brexit and EU rules: Data Protection Directive – part 5

In part five of our EU Directives series, Stefan Petrovski, accounting supervisor at Primexis, considers the long reach of the revamped and refreshed Data Protection Directive which will net both EU and non-EU members and comes into force in the UK in May 2018

Insight / Brexit: timing is everything for businesses preparing for EU withdrawal

KPMG director of public policy Mark Essex explains how careful planning and tactical nous are pivotal to how companies navigate their preparations for Brexit, comparing the road to Brexit with a keirin cycle race

Insight / Brexit and EU rules: Trade Secrets Directive – part 4

In part four of our EU Directives series, Stefan Petrovski, accounting supervisor at Primexis, considers the key elements of the Trade Secrets Directive covering undisclosed know-how and business information, although there are timing questions over UK adoption

Insight / Ireland's priorities central to EU's Brexit negotiations

The Irish government has published a Position Paper for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations, and said that, now the EU's initial negotiating stance is clear, it will intensify its focus on the economic implications of Brexit

Tax / Irish tax policy: CT rates, regime and reputation

Irish tax policy coupled with one of the lowest EU corporation tax rates at 12.5% could be at risk after the Apple ruling and with wider plans to introduce a consolidated single corporation tax rate across the EU27, reports Jaimie Kaffash

Tax / Brexit and EU rules: Common Corporate Tax Base (CCTB) – part 3

In part three of our EU Directives series, Stefan Petrovski, accounting supervisor at Primexis, asks whether EU plans for a directive to introduce a consolidated European corporate tax base (CCTB) would work across disparate economic bases with individual tax codes, rules and rates

Insight / Economic trends: sterling works

Martin Beck, senior economist at Oxford Economics analyses how the pound has managed to remain resilient over the last year despite global political headwinds and Brexit fears

Tax / Brexit and EU rules: Posting of Workers Directive – part 2

In part two of our EU Directives series, Stefan Petrovski, accountant at Paris-based accounting firm Primexis, considers changes to the rules on secondment and posting of workers to other EU member states for provision of services by companies under the Posting of Workers Directive

Insight / Brexit casts shadow over UK business confidence

Globally business optimism is at its highest level on record, increasing by 23% in the past year, but over the same period the UK has seen a marked drop in optimism because of Brexit uncertainty, according to research from Grant Thornton

Accounting / IAS 21: hedging currency in a Brexit world

Foreign exchange volatility is one of the most worrying factors in the run-up to Brexit. Armaghan Haq of Lloyds Banking Group examines the implications of a volatile sterling and possible remedial action under IAS 21 accounting requirements

Tax / Brexit and EU rules: Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) - part 1

In the first of a series on EU Directives affecting the accounting and tax profession, both in statute and at the debate stage, Stefan Petrovski of Paris-based accounting firm, Primexis, analyses the significant changes that derive from recent EU directives in the accounting and finance field, starting with the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) 

Insight / EU directives listed in preparation for Brexit process

Parliament has created a briefing paper outlining EU directives currently in force and how they are implemented in the UK to allow EU legislators to assess the task ahead of converting EU law into UK law, as outlined in the Great Repeal Bill as part of the Brexit process